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Natural Garden Products for Healthier Food


Forty varieties of Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds available now!
We’ve been experimenting with Heirloom Seeds for a few years now. We carry over 40 varieties of Heirloom Seeds from one of the best Heirloom Seed Companies in the world. We’ve grown beautiful Heirloom Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Zucchini, Celery, Carrots, Squash etc., successfully in our Kihei organic garden. The main thing to know about heirloom seeds is that different varieties are suited to specific growing conditions/geographic areas. Some do best in a very short growing season, while others require a longer season, cooler weather or hotter/dryer conditions. We have selected types of seeds that have the best chance of adapting to our many Hawaiian micro-climates.
For a list of available seeds, click here.


Natural Organic (completely non-synthetic) Fertilizer/Soil Amendment
While synthetic fertilizers supply plant growth nutrients, they don’t supply the organic matter required to maintain quality plant life. Suståne Organic natural fertilizer/soil builder was designed with the knowledge that the best way to grow quality plants is to develop and maintain healthy soil.
Suståne All-Natural organic fertilizer is widely used in the production of certified organic food crops. These products are excellent to use on vegetable, herb and field crops, as well as in professionally landscaped flower and shrub beds, potted plants, new turf construction and for maintaining healthy trees.
For detailed information on these two amazing fertilizers, click here.


Breathable, Portable, Durable Veggie Planter
The Portable Garden is the perfect item for above ground planting or on patios. This is a special fabric planter that is framed with PVC to add additional strength and structure. No sagging walls!

Framed Garden Planter

Geotextile Breathable Gardening Planter